In a world in which the global economy seems to push towards fragmentation, dispersion of value and quality, we believe that the model of companies’ networks is the only one capable of ensuring not survival, but the ability to compete and promote Italian excellence in Italy and in the world.


Encourage the meeting between supply and demand of products and services between private companies – Support the strengthening of companies through M&A or the creation of business networks – Facilitate the meeting between University, Research and the production world – Identify and put into production public and private financing – Supporting the identification of talents, the integration of young people in the world of work and the development of professional skills
One model: Shared phonebooks – Interpersonal Management – References
This allows our Partners to be able to count on a shared relational network and on an offer of excellence. In telling the Osanna Group, we like to imagine it as a large family that sits around a table laden with all sorts of goodies, where the Partners who are both the users of the banquet and its servants sit. The courses, which in fact are the services and solutions offered by everyone, are shared in a convivial and transparent way among all the guests.